care tips

Before placing flowers in your vase, You should cut the stem in one to two inches to make your flowers directly absorb the water. Use a sharp knife when cutting to avoid damages to your flowers. Re-trim every other day.

Change water every now and then
Flowers drink a lot of water to live longer. Change water in your vase to avoid rotten smell. You should change the water every 2-3 days this will help to keep your flowers fresh longer. When refilling water in your vase, gently pour water in at the top of the flowers.
Wash the vase regularly
Don’t let your vase dry out and avoid refilling water without washing your vase. Dirty vase can build up bacteria that may cause you to destroy the beauty of your flowers. You can use hot soapy water in cleaning your vase. Let your flowers stay in a fresh and clean environment.
Avoid direct to sunlight
Flowers are unhappy to stay in sunny areas. They will quickly dry when you are placing in bright light like near windows, and cooling vents. If you want your flowers to last longer as possible, keep your flowers in cool areas.
Use flower foods
If you are forgetful and won’t be able to change water on your vase regularly, then flower food is helpful as well and make sure to follow the mixing directions. These food packets contain bactericide that keeps the water fresh and stays longer. But, take note some flowers actually do not like flower food like sunflowers.
care tips

Care Tips

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