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Flourishing Ideas

Before placing flowers in your vase, You should cut the stem in one to two inches to make your flowers directly absorb the water. Use a sharp knife when cutting to avoid damages to your flowers. Re-trim every other day.


Flower Care Tips and Guide:

Cut The Stems

To facilitate water absorption, you must cut the stem by 1 or 2 inches. Using a sharp knife can help. By doing so, you can prevent further damages to your flowers. Make sure that you cut your stems from time to time. Checking your stems every other day can help you monitor its growth thoroughly. Cutting the stems is best done in the morning so make sure to get up as the sun gets up too.

Replace Water From Time to Time

Flowers are just like humans. They need to absorb water so they can live healthily and last longer. Of course, you want to see your flowers bloom beautifully, so make sure to give them the water that they need. Changing water in your vase will also prevent a rotten smell from developing. The rule of thumb is to change the water in your vase every 2-3 days so that your flowers will retain their freshness. There is also a proper technique in replacing the water in your vase which is pouring the water in at the top of the flowers. Again, make sure that the flowers absorb enough water.

Clean The Vase Regularly

It is important to ensure the cleanliness of your vase before you place water and flowers inside. Also, never allow your vase to dry out after cleaning it. Filthy vases invite bacteria and viruses from forming, which are very harmful to your flowers. You can use clean and warm water to clean the vase thoroughly. After the first cleaning, check again if your vase is really clean. If you have already checked thoroughly the cleanliness of your vase, you can now dry your vase thoroughly and then put the water and flowers into it.Flowers are unhappy to stay in sunny areas. They will quickly dry when you are placing in bright light like near windows, and cooling vents. If you want your flowers to last longer as possible, keep your flowers in cool areas.

Do Not Place Flowers Under Direct Sunlight

Flowers should not be placed in sunny spaces. Direct sunlight will dry up the flowers quickly. Hence, you should avoid placing them in places where there is direct sunlight, like near the windows and vents. In order for your flowers to survive longer, you must find a cool space. Flowers love a cool environment, so you must find a certain space in your house where your flowers can lovingly grow and live.

Make use of flower foods

Flower foods are important when you are the type of person who often forgets to change water of your vase from time to time. A word of advice is to strictly follow various mixing directions. These flower foods consist of bactericide that helps in keeping the water fresh.

It also allows the flowers to live longer. While most of the flowers like flower food, there are also flowers who donu2019t like absorbing flower foods.

If your flowers are not receptive to flower foods, you must ensure that you change water regularly to maintain its freshness and ensure that your flowers will live longer.